Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Batbatan Island

Batbatan Island (Culasi Antique)
As in any other things, true beauty can be learned and appreciated through in depth understanding and knowing of that particular thing.

Batbatan Island many times over the years but it was only on my last trip that I can say I have fully discovered its alluring charm and beauty. Discovering the hidden beaches around the island by foot have shown me more about the island past its beaches, you will seen the beauty of its people, their craftsmanship in weaving "Buri" and "Pandan" mats, witness the fish drying process, their skills in spearfishing, and once again discovered how truly blessed we are "Antiquenos" for being surrounded with nature's beauty and abundance.

The following pictures shows different beaches namely, Kawit, Batbat, Mag-ayad, Bilat, Rikudo, and Saradhan. All have its unique character that makes this island diversely unique. Going to this island takes an hour motorized boat ride from Culasi Boulevard and can be bumpy in the middle. There are no facilities i or tourism support infrastructures in the island and as suggested by Culasi's Tourism Office, it is not ready for full blown tourism. As of now, there is no policy yet that regulates visitors from visiting the island and it is a MUST to coordinate with the LGU especially at this time of the year where western monsoon winds is strong. Kasa Raya AdvenTours of Tibiao offers a guided tour of the island.

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