Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Reasons For The Travel Philippines


You have some reasons for travel to Philippines.

The Philippines, crowded megacities of more than 20 active volcanoes in the world heritage of 2,000 years of rice fields, more than 100 ethnic communities, with beautiful tropical islands and friendly people on the coast of Asia, one of the country could be called fantastic. 7,100 more than the island of the Philippines which is one of the countries with the world's longest coastline, very easy to guess the beautiful of the island and the beach.
Philippines island offers great views of tropical plants, pristine white sandy beaches, rain forests, natural wonders of interesting places, advanced hotel and service culture, luck, and most importantly, the find food of all kinds, perhaps drew me to him with the cheapness of the price. Although far from our country to visit and to be seen with the beauty of the place deserves more attention.

A very nice scuba diving lovers to whether underwater, whether the jump-loving adventurer rocky, whether white sand in lazy lie-loving holidaymakers, whether a gourmet fond of local flavor, be a loving learning ethnic cultures and beliefs of the researcher wants; Philippines to meet all the expectations of a country.
Each stunning limestone as the cliffs in El Nido with a post card view, color Angeles City nightlife, the world's largest coral reef in Australia comes after the Great Barrier Reef, the world's 2nd largest coral reef in Apo Reef, harmless basking sharks Donsol can do diving with whales, such as the shimmering turquoise sea shore sands of Boracay pearl; The time from generation to generation with unique traditional agriculture 2000 years UNESCO World Heritage Banaue and Batad rice, which was once cannibals bounty hunter is a real treasure to be discovered now with the tribes living in peace in the Philippines.

Almost every city in the country bar, club, pub and has a busy nightlife street with restaurants. Experiencing the mood for a party atmosphere in the streets until dawn to the music of famous DJs.
Philippines nightlife, as Asia's most colorful and lively nightlife emerges. Though not as Pattaya and Bangkok, the country's remarkable mobility with certain places: Malate district of Manila; Makati Greenbelt, Glorietta, Rockwell Center; Resorts World Manila in Pasay City; Timog and Tomas Morato in Quezon City in the Avenues and Eastwood Libis and Ortigas Center Pasig City nightlife attracts enthusiasts him.
The nightclubs of many countries in Asia, able to see the talented Filipino bands. Excellent English and Filipinos are doing is absolutely marvelous music with powerful scenes.
Angeles City is located 80 km north of Manila's nightlife and entertainment capital of the country. Clark International Airport and 10 minutes away from the city, nightlife enthusiasts he's trying to pull of more than 500 foreign and local bars and nightclubs. Angeles City, Philippines, in a sense it can be said is Pattaya.
  • Philippines a mysterious and beautiful country.
  • People always have smile. 
  • You not need visa for travel to Philippines.
  • They are respectful of foreigners.
  • This country very cheap and you have choise for vacation.
  • They are very hospitality
  • Beachs and Islands like a paradise
  • Philippines has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world.
  • Food.. You can try different tastes
  • Alcohol cheap
  • Population speaks English ( % 90 )
  • You can try a local jeepney transport wehicle.
  • Wather temperature throughout the year from 26 to 27 degrees
Philippines hot and dry period between January and May the best time for vacation. Between lovers is more appropriate for cooler weather from November to February. The rainy season is from July to October storms and typhoons are very common and not very suitable for the holidays. This typhoon in the season, so will be the subject can lead to destruction newsletters. Nevertheless, this season the cheapest flights and hotel worth remembering that the favorable terms of price.

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