Thursday, October 16, 2014

Boracay Island

BORACAY ISLAND (White Sand Beach)

After a few day later on Bohol island i go to Cebu city and i visit historical place and build then i go to hotel and i rest.

Another day i will start travel for Boracay Island because i want see Boracay, I having 2 choice for go there.
  • I take ticket and you start flight on Mactan Airport straight go to Caticlan Airport and i can get  fastboat and in short time i can arrive in Boracay Island.
  • On mactan Airport then i go Iloilo city after that i will go bus station and i take a bus for San Jose Antique Province and  after 2-3 hours travel i arrive there and i take a bus in antique bus statiton for go to Boracay Island and after 2-3 hours i arrive seaport and i take a fastboat and i arrive Boracay.

In first choice dont spend more time and arrive Boracay short time but 2. choice use little more  time but have funny time and see more place.
I like 2. choice because i see Iloilo city i see some province, village, people life style, farm and seaside.

When i arrive there i take tricycle and  go inside of island then i look hotels and pensions. some hotel on seaside but they axpensive and i take pension and is cheap and just 3-5 min far on sea.
Boracay beach very nice, white sand and bluse sea beautiful but sometimes i see algae and some waste but still sea clear.
Day time long and wide white sand beach very beautiful and i walk, i swimm and i have enjoy day.
when i feel hungry i have more choice on restaurants for eating. some people have drink because its cheap.
And night time sea very near and i see local dance show, sand castles and sculptures and some activites.
Near the hotels and restaurant they have massage parlor and souvenir store.
After 3-4 enjoy days i back to manila

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