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Life in Philippines

Life in Philippines

If you want stay in the Philippines you can easily stay and live here philippines people always smile. Philippines is a country quite crowded. Especially metropolitan cities it is easy to spot in the capital Manila and Quezon City streets. This city is have crowded and noisy streets, crammed in subway stations and takes a life of jeepney traffic that was nearly destroyed. A serious air pollution stemming from the exhaust bothers people. When a bit out of the streets in the center of Manila exited, attracting hundreds of thousands of people living in shacks made of tin home care.
With a population exceeding 105 million, the Philippines, one of the countries with the world's highest population growth. Author uses a very high rate of readership in the country and Filipino and English as official language in the country.

Philippines is divided into 3 main state. They are Luson, Visayas and Mindanao. Capital of city Manila and as in other capitals are crowded.
Manila City is one of the municipalities located in the capital of the Philippines and Metro Manila. Cities in the country which is the largest island located in the eastern coast of Manila Bay in Luzon.
Manila metropolitan area with over 10 million people live and the place is a center of the developing world. Metro Manila National Capital Region (NCR) is a part of the city of Manila as consisting of 17 cities and municipalities of t know.
Manila 1.5 million is the second most famous city in the Philippines located in the quiet respectable. Only the former capital of the country is even more popular in Quezon City.
Manila, the name may nilad 'received from. In Tagalog "nilad" name, which is a plant genus that grows in the tropics in coastal and swamp "mangrove" 's got the bloom. United States and the city of the archipelago of the Philippines started to invade and control seizures in 1898 and lasted until 1946. II. Many cities were destroyed during World War II. To prove the existence of the Manila metropolitan area in 1975, he decided to smoking independence. Today, the city and the metropolitan area has managed to become an important cultural and economic center. However, population, traffic, was pollution and climate change.
Manila "Gamma" in Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (gawc) which is located in the list of global cities as a member.

Life in philippines. You are in the Philippines Manila City first time, you feel a bit damp and heavy air and in a few day you can get used to it. Life is cheap and ideal holiday address with a unique mystical air.

Life in Philippines is very interesting. In Cebu city and visit Mactan Island; you can see where is killed Magellan.
Life is cheapest on some country. Cheap houses, hotels, food, travel, drink, vacation.. Weather most 26 - 32 degress in year but raining season have heavy rain, sometimes typhoon.
I think especially Manila came to me like this but its ok. If you go to the resort area the weather is fine and white beach sand and clear see, You can enjoy swimming in the ocean.
If you want stay there you can get easy married with Philippines women and buying cheap house and you can live there. Philippines person have smile face and helpful. some many times you can see they keep respect foreign person.


Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the philippines, with Cebu City as the main of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. In a decade it has transformed into a global hub for furniture making. tourism, business processing services and heavy industry.

Cebu City in the Mactan Island Middle Philippines and very nice city. And cebu have nice beach and you easily reach any vacation area on Cebu city.
Word meaning "sandy hill" which Patagonyası and Chile's south, on the edge of the Strait of Magellan Punta Arenas will be the most you will hear the name of Magellan. Appearance in 1520 and Pasifico in terms of calm which he described as the Pacific Ocean's name father of Magellan, after working for his country before, although the Portuguese before you finish the last world tour to have originated in the period in which the service of Spanish, was killed by natives in the 41 years old Philippines. The sculpture, the museum, Magellan's memories of the most re-made ships live here.
If you want see you where killed famous explorers and sailors Magellan you will go Mactan İsland and see this place..

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