Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bohol Island ( Tagbilaran City )


I want go to Philippines for vacation because i saw on internet and i decided go to the Philippines for good vacation.

After that i know where i go then my first choice Bohol Island and i fix my everything for start travel to Philippines. I arrive manila and i get airplane ticket and i start my flight 08:25 and i arrive 09:40 Tagbilaran airport.
My hotel shuttle service,they pickup me on airport, i going to my hotel i looking place then ı thinking why i come here !!!

I told myself anyway if you come here and you need stay here a few days, i arrive hotel and i fix my things and i want go to beach first i get info hotel person then i go to Alona Beach and i spend time there, Alona beach nice but i dont like because more algae and i cant see under sea.

In bohol island, I leave this beach ang i go Bikini Beach first i looking then i dont like this beach
after that i ask Taxi driver he is offer me Dumaluan Beach and they have Bohol Beach Club on the beach we go there i pay for entrance then you can make free use of sunbeds and the swimming pool. This beach have white sand and clear sea and more seastar.
4. days i want go to Chocolate Hills and i want see Loboc Tarsier Monkey. First i see Loboc Tarsier then i go received the famous Unesco World Heritage List Chocolate Hills and this hills nice.
Chocolate hills, the hill is composed of 1,268 units. Time the island under the sea currents led to the formation of this hill. In the dry season, the grass brown color was due to name here. Until 1980 that anyone visiting the hills in the Harry Potter film after being used as the venue attracts a lot of visitors has become. And i am there i seeing very much crowd.
After that i have tour on the Loboc River then i visit some historical builds.
Waterfalls of Baclayon, Bohol 95 kilometers away from the center. It takes three hours by bus. Actual place to be seen here, the next canyon waterfalls. Nature spectacular, difficult path. Large and small river in Baclayon left behind after 10 waterfalls are entering the canyon. Sometimes the jungles hardly walk among the trees, sometimes you need to swim to cross. In some places the river you had to walk over the river giving a tough fight against the raging waters. The four-kilometer climb to take about two - three hours. Spectacular nature of the river, is where you will get all the tiredness.

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