Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cebu City

Queen City Cebu ( Mactan Island )

Queen City Cebu is capital of the south Philippines Visayas Cebu island capital is just 1 hour away from Manila by plane.  Beautiful Cebu City is nicknamed Queen of the South and after manila 2. city is the largest and most populous of the Philippines. Magellan first came here in the Philippines (1521) and, more importantly in Asia where Christianity was born, and therefore has great impostance.

Bright sea, this small island that has dominated the hot sun and the classic flavor in Asia, with its natural and cultural features have not been able to shine in tourism. Hospitality of the people, diversity and stable investment with Cebu's festivals, seems to further stripped of thousands of islands.
In the same area taken in 1993 on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the signing of the agreement will have great importance for the history of Philippine hang around the San Agustin Church. The area around the church is full of historic buildings. After walking you arrive to Cebu's famous market. Local products are sold in the market dizzying complexity of fruit and vegetables a judge. However everyone calm, angry, not trying to sell you something calling and yelling. Moreover, it is easily understood that you always smile for strangers, and I met a warm interest. Tourist facilities, has come to an assertive position in tourism by white sandy beaches. This position naturally led to further development compared to other Philippine island of Cebu. According to some honeymoon island. According to some Pacific islands on the coast and vacation options in the first three.

The state capital city of Cebu, the oldest city in the Philippines. Therefore, the "Queen of the South" and "the center of Christianity in the Philippines" is called. Capital in a sophisticated metropolis view the event Visa and Mindanano Region industrial and commercial center.

Today, the country with the highest economic growth rates in Cebu, thanks to its location and natural harbor with a busy commercial life. The fact that the hard-working people and rapidly growing tourism, is of great importance for the future of Cebu.Enhanced image of a metropolis on the one side, just ahead of pristine white beaches offers its visitors a paradise.
Crowned with the underwater beauty of the sea, sun, sand, tourism, and enriches the cultural and historical values. Cebu, one of the places where you will find Asia's natural texture. Friendly people, street delicacies, cheap shopping opportunities with Cebu, a small piece of Southeast Asia.

Mactan Island
Magellan mark, Magellan tomb, Lapu Lapu statue.. The most important part of the island of Mactan, because here the foot prints Ferdinand Magellan (1521), but the local peoples dont want Magellan here.

Magellan clash with local peoples and killed by the local peoples leader during the conflict and Magellan's tomb is here.Magellan gave the great ocean pacific name, because the ocean has been described as quiet and calm pacific name meaning.

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